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Ways to save energy in the Home

It is a known fact that our energy resources will not last forever. But because of the rate in which we are using up our energy that day will come sooner than we think. What can we do to help? To ensure that our children and their children have enough energy to use? The big question is how to save energy? Let’s have a look at ways to save energy / smart solar battery or wherever your home is?

Here are some of the ways to save energy with a smart solar battery:

Were you aware that most household appliances use energy even when they are switched off? If yes then what are you doing to stop that from happening? Remember by ensuring that your electronic equipment is energy efficient you are not only helping to save more energy but also lowering your own household utility bills.

Always opt for DVD’s or stereos that use less energy. How to know? That’s very easy. All you have to do is check the Energy Star label. Nowadays every electronic device including cordless phones come with star label. Remember to check them before buying.

Buy a TV that runs with less power. Here too you have to check with the same star power on TV. Also, you can cut power use up to 25% just by reducing the brightness of the TV screen. Furthermore, never keep your TV on standby mode if you are not watching. Remove the main plug to ensure that they don’t use up energy when switched off.

Try and use only one remote for TV, DVD or stereo and disconnect the mains when not in use.

Geysers use up to 40% of household energy to reduce that amount by 10% homeowners can insulate the geysers and hot water pipes with another material. Also, use a timer to make sure that you heat only as much as is necessary.

Use compact fluorescent to light up your home. Avoid incandescent bulbs. This will help save energy plus reduce carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emission. Save half of your heating electricity bill by insulating your ceiling. Roof hangings are most useful when it comes to doing away with the summer sun and bringing in the winter sun.

Now go and explore every room in your home and see where you need to make the changes. What you can see here is that a smart solar battery is not only important but also easy. It is actually for our own benefit and for a better tomorrow. By saving energy we are not only paying less electricity bill but also fighting against global warming. Energy saving will call for some serious behavioural changes.

You’ll need to pay attention to simple things that matter most in ways to save energy / smart solar battery. Such as turning off your TV or computer when not in use or not forgetting to switch off the light when it is not required. Remember the more energy we use the more is the rise in energy prices. It’s important that we are careful today and do as much as possible for home energy management.

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