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Using a glass balustrade design in your garden


Conventionally, balustrades were manufactured of wood, and gradually they were started to be made in other materials, such as stainless steel, steel, and glass.

Before get into more details about a glass and stainless steel balustrade, I should tell you something about stainless steel. It is generally an alloy. The way this metal is manufactured makes it much more long-lasting and strongly collated to regular steel. And, as the name suggests, “Stainless Steel” itself can resist stains.

Stainless steel balustrade gives a contemporary look to any home. For an external balustrade, the hard nature and minor maintenance of stainless steel are favorably suitable for any type of environment, specifically the coastal areas, which has bad effects in normal steel.

The manufacturers making your glass and stainless steel balustrade all across the world render a wide range of patterns and colors which adds to the beauty of the house. Some of the most commonly utilized are marine and commercial applications, wire rope chains, rectangular and square box section, and flat bar tube.

Although glass balustrade is available for different purposes, I will try to give some insight to railing balustrades.

Product description: The material utilized to manufacture is of high quality. Their height varies from 855 mm to 1300 mm. The density of the steel at the side may range from 6mm to 13mm. The surface is made of polished steel, and PVD is also being utilized. Usually, the balustrade is made of a single pillar with a bright surface.

The advantages of Balustrades
This is the best material for making balustrades and cat ladders as it is predominantly sturdy and tough. It can withstand all the thuds and blows it is expected to get over the lifespan of a staircase without being damaged.

Price: Utilizing a glass and stainless steel balustrade is an affordable option, mainly due to the availability of the material, and the comparative easiness with which it can be modified, installed and joined. You will surely get one according to your budget.

Presence: Not only is it a sturdy and robust material, it gives a good look to your home. The variety of metal textures gives it a smooth and modern look which will blend in smoothly with modern building layouts and their colorings.

Adaptability: The nature of these materials implies it can be made into almost any shape or size for the stainless steel balustrade. The arched look is not an issue in steel, and remarkable slants may also be created very conveniently.

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