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What to look for in a Drink Driving Solicitor

Drink driving is an offense which is easily described as driving through any form of intoxication or influence strong and potent enough to influence the driver in any way that the driver is considered incapable of safely operating a vehicle. One can only be charged and tried for drink driving after going through a breath test and testing positive to the influence presence of alcoholic content or any other drug. When charged and tried for drink driving, you must have a drink driving solicitor to represent and defend yourself.

Although there has to be a substantial amount of alcohol in your system to render you incapable of operating a vehicle safely, one can be tried for drink driving without the presence of alcoholic substances in the driver’s system, the presence of any other forms of drugs including drugs prescribed by a physician qualifies one to be tried and charged for drink driving.

Drink driving is a major cause of road accidents because drunk or otherwise influenced drivers have less than necessary control of their senses and put other road users in grave danger.

While drink driving is a serious offense and recorded to be responsible for a high percentage of accidents, some cases of drink driving are not as grave as others, and in some other cases even though the driver may have had a drink or two, if the level of alcohol present in a driver’s body is not enough to alter their control and sensitivity while driving and operating a vehicle, one cannot and should not be tried for drink driving, and when tried, one must employ the services of a drink driving solicitor to defend themselves.

Drink driving solicitors are experts, professionally trained and experienced in drink driving laws and in the defense of all forms of drink driving offenses. Drink driving solicitors have all the answers and defense questions in drink driving cases.

Without a drink driving solicitor one might not be able to defend themselves in drink driving cases which may lead to accepting offense, pleading guilty and incurring a driving ban, which most cases than not is not necessary. Unlike most people unknowingly assume, drink driving cases and be defended and won, even when the alcoholic substance is present in the driver’s breath tests.

In cases where the drivers permission was not willingly granted before the breath tests are carried out, thorough examination, questioning and warnings are not issued or asked of the driver before a case filling drink driving cases may fail, and only the assistance of a professional drink driving solicitor can defend cases like mentioned above, which is only a few of the cases where drink driving cases can fail.

Improper documentation of witness statements and evidences can also lead in the unauthenticity of a drink driving case. Drink driving solicitors are necessary for every driver with the possibility of facing a drink driving case.

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