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Free Boiler Grant Scheme Key Elements

Boiler Grants offer an opportunity to UK residents to replace their boilers through their government supported scheme that’s been put in place to help low income earners heat their home at the lowest cost possible, and with a significant reduction on carbon footprints.

There’s nothing complicated about qualifying for the grants. As long as you’ve had your current boiler for at least five years, and at the same time happen to meet their benefit related criteria, then you’re free to go ahead and cash in on the grant. Read this without forgetting the fact that it’s a grant, and you’ll therefore NOT be repaying for anything.

Neither does the project require you to pay registration fee or shell out your hard-earned money for the expenses incurred. As a matter of fact, the grant itself is as simple as it has been put—no hidden terms and conditions that might creep back on you to bite you. All you have to do is quality for the grant, and you can right away request to have the free boiler, which comes alongside novel heating controls (if you need them, that-is).

It’s worth noting that different home owners are entitled to different amounts of funding
depending on their home efficiency. The energy assessment process is carried out for free, except for rare case where you might be requested to make a small contribution. But still, that’s nothing to be worried about; as chances of things getting to this point are super-slim.

Conditions for Qualifying

A good chunk of the UK residents qualify for the free grant. First, it’s required that you be on the main gas, LPG supply or oil. Then you must have used the boiler to be replaced for at least five years. It’s also a requirement that you be a home owner or a private tenant. This leaves all those living in council-owned properties unqualified.

Lastly, you might want to check if you’re receiving an approved arrangement of income related benefits, particularly tax credits, ESA, JSA and income support. That’s all. If you meet the above criteria, you could at any time request to have your old boiler upgraded to a new top-quality boiler via the free boiler scheme at absolutely zero cost to yourself.

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