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Veterinary Clinic

Essentials for Searching Veterinary Clinics for Animals in Virginia Beach

Registered Veterinary Clinic Virginia Beach

It is illegal for anyone who is not registered to practice as a vet. Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) qualified vets will have the initials MRCVS or FRCVS after their name. Check your vet’s registration on the RCVS website. The RCVS also has a voluntary Practice Standards Scheme which accredits vet practices according to the services and specialties they offer which they rigorously inspect every four years and also spot checks in between. An accredited practice will display the RCVS Accredited Practice logo.

Ask People Around
Recommendations can be a really useful way of finding a Veterinary Clinic in Virginia Beach. Find out what other pet owners in your area think about their vet – but consider whether they have the same type of animal as you because different pets have different requirements.

If you’re moving to another area, ask your current veterinarian for a recommendation. Area veterinary medicine associations also have lists of active members, often with special interests such as avian and exotic medicine.

Tour the Practice
When you find a Virginia Beach Animal Hospital you think you like, ask for a tour. The hospital should be proud to show you its facilities. During the tour see if it is clean, do the animals seem comfortable and safe, are dogs and cats separated, do the equipment look up-to-date, is there too much clutter, and so on.

Get Acquainted
The worst time to find Virginia Beach Animal Hospital is when your pet becomes ill and really needs one. Instead, schedule a brief get an acquainted meeting so you and your pet can meet with the veterinarian. This meeting will allow you to ask about hospital practices and determine if this hospital is the “right fit” for both you and your pet. An effective veterinarian-owner-pet relationship is a partnership and communication is the key.

Specialty Veterinarian
If you have a bird, you’ll want to find an avian animal veterinarian. If you have a fish, look for an aquatic animal veterinarian. Veterinarians should be able to care for all other types of animals. This includes the many different breeds of cats and dogs.

It is a good idea to choose a practice close to your home as is it convenient, if an emergency arises, you can get your pet to the vet as soon as possible for quick treatment. Think about where the practice is located, if it is near any public transport links or, if you drive, does it have a car park or is there public parking nearby.

Extra Services
Some vets provide extra services, like puppy training and obedience classes, which can be really helpful. Many offer advice and factsheets to help you care for your pet. If you’re interested in what other services your local practice provides, give them a ring or see if they’ve got a website.

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