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When should I change my old carpet?

Carpets are part of our homes. As popular floor coverings, these add comfort to that homey feeling. A good carpet will decorate your posh space for a long period provided it is properly maintained. With good care and maintenance, a good carpet can last up to ten years.
At some point though, you will be required to change your carpet.

Regular use coupled with regular wear and tear will need you to replace your carpet at some point. When it comes to this, some signs will be obvious that you need a new one while others will not be. While you do not want to replace it too soon, you wouldn’t want it to exceed its expected lifespan. In order to determine when you should replace your old carpet, the following signs should guide you as you visit carpet shops Shrewsbury options and around the UK.

Visible stains: Whether it is from food and drinks to pets, your carpet will be a spill victim. Some stains will be easy to remove especially on new carpets. Over time, your carpets’ stain resistant finish will fade away. At this point, you may have your carpet cleaned by commercial
carpet cleaners, which will remove most stains.

When several stains are visible even after professional cleaning, it’s high time to change your carpet. Stains in highly visible areas of your carpet are a great indicator that a carpet needs to be changed.

Wear and tear: If you are placing rugs all over your carpet to cover tears and rips, its time to get a new one. The same case applies if you occasionally rearrange your furniture to hide these tears. Rips, visible threads of the backing materials through the carpet top is an indicator that your carpet has outdone its use. This wear may be visible in areas that are heavily used especially hallways and stairs.

Unpleasant odours.Carpets trap dust and dirt. This may be washable with new carpets. As time goes by, it becomes impossible to completely remove these foreign materials on your carpet. Having a pet in your house or using your carpet for long without cleaning it will increase dirt on the carpet. This will lead to an unpleasant odour emanating from your carpet. When these scents persist even after professional cleaning, is time to give your floor a new covering.

Contrasting carpet shades: A carpet will eventually fade. If your carpet’s shade is uneven or way lighter than purchased it, you may consider replacing it. Unequal exposure to sunlight and cleaning will lead to your carpet fading on some spots. Contrasting carpet shades are unattractive and unwelcoming. Lost carpet cushion. The soft cushion layer on your carpet makes it comfortable.

This layer will even make your children want to lay on it. When you walk on your carpet and feel the hard concrete below your feet, it’s an indicator that your carpet has lost its padding. This will frequently happen in patches that are regularly used. Uneven carpet cushioning is a sign that you need to replace your carpet.

Age: A good carpet should last for 10-15 years. Outdated carpets will no longer be luxurious. Neither will they be comfortable and acoustic. If your carpet has exceeded 15 years, it is in order that you replace it.

The above indicators will help you know the best time to change your carpet. This will ensure that your living space is comfortable and lively.

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