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Cantilever Racking System Adopted by the Warehousing Industry

Cantilever is defined as “a beam anchored at one end only”. The load is held by the arm which transfers it to the supporting upright beam/base. This type of industrial racking system is primarily used for storage of bulky, over sized and long loads.


There is practically no limit to the length of cantilever arm racking. Each racking upright is equipped with several cantilever arms (supports) for carrying the load. The distance between uprights depends on the weight of the goods to be stored. Application Goods which are heavy and small to large quantities per article at medium throughout are stored on cantilever arms. The racking is serviced by fork lift trucks. They work without turning in the aisle and therefore only require very narrow aisle widths. Cantilever racks are extendable to any length and flexible to changes.


Cantilever rack suppliers have given the option to arrange it in either single or double sided racking, either back to back forming aisles or placed against a wall depending upon the need of the hour.

 Counter-Balance Forklifts:

The cheapest long load handling solution requires wide racking aisles. They also require large wide designed warehousing doors to handle long loads from indoors to outdoors safely.

 Side Loader Forklifts:

They were the first forklift type designed specifically for long load handling and have been popular. They allow the operator to handle loads sideways, allowing for narrower aisles and greater storage space. Side Loaders also have holding platforms around the forks to stabilize loads and ensure safer long load handling.

Multi-Directional Forklifts:

Multi-Directional Forklifts are able to drive in all directions, allow for improved storage space while also providing significant increases in handling times. The operator is able to move long loads with greater precision and accuracy.


  • Flexible Design– Wide selection of cantilever column heights up to 48 feet can be done.  The columns are constructed from high strength steel.
  • Vertical Load Clearance– Tapered cantilever arms are designed to compensate for deflection and are available up to 100″ in length.
  • Double Capacity– Cantilever rack columns are pre-punched on both sides for conversion from a single-sided cantilever rack unit to a double-sided unit.
  • Adaptability– Cantilever rack arms can be easily adjusted in 3 inch increments along the height of the cantilever columns facilitating easy height adjustments.
  • Boltless Connection–Cantilever rack column is fully welded to provide a rigid, stable base connection.

Cantilever is both versatile and durable.  The welded one piece column and base makes assembly a snap.  Cantilever arms are locked into the column before the entire system is lifted into the up position and installed in its storage location.

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